SDA/NDIS Property investment scheme options Australia wide.

Investments start from $750,000

Earn upto 200K P/A*



There are many things to understand before diving into the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) process if you’ve heard of it and believe it might be something you’re interested in learning more about

IMPROVED LIVEABILITY – This is home that contains features that increase physical access and have been created to promote “livability.”

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION – A house that falls under the category of “Fully Accessible” must offer very high levels of physically assisted access for people with severe functional limitations.

FULLY ACCESSIBLE – To further boost physical accessibility, housing in this category needs to be designed at an exceedingly high level of specialization.

HIGH PHYSICAL SUPPORT – Although it should have good physical access, this home is less concerned with accessibility. Robust housing puts an emphasis on resistance, safety, and durability.

Specialist Disability Accommodation


One way to identify regions of Australia that require investment in this type of housing is to compare the present availability of SDA in each location with the national average.The NDIS has allocated $700 million annually to fund Speciality Disability Accommodation. However, data research reveals that the country’s need for SDA is not allocated fairly.

As societies realize how important it is to give people with impairments adequate living settings, the demand for specialist disability accommodations is growing. Despite ongoing funding and supply issues, efforts by governments, developers, and disability advocates are laying the groundwork for a future that is more inclusive and accessible. We may cooperate to make sure that everyone has the chance to live in an environment that fulfills their wants and aspirations by being aware of the dynamics of SDA demand and supply.


The immaculate rental returns range from 10-15% P/A*. The average rental returns for all four categorise of homes range between $31k-$99k P/A* per participant. The success of Dream Home Property Investments is characterised by obtaining outstanding rental returns for the investors. We routinely outperform the market, generating outstanding returns on investment, as a result of our unwavering dedication to offering our clients top-tier homes. In order to optimise rental income, our knowledgeable team carefully assesses market trends, spots ideal rental prospects, and administers properties effectively. We minimise the risk of investment by the knowledge and data that results in  dependable and alluring rental yields for our clients, having a track record of providing solid rental returns, serves us as a reliable partner in assisting investors in achieving their financial objectives in the highly competitive real estate market.

Why Invest NDIS Property?

Rental return upto 15% P/A*

20 years SDA property lease option

SDA Providers agreement with purchase of the property

NDIS Investment locations are verified by SDA providers

Positive cash flow property investment.

Properties available all over Australia.


Specialist Disability Accommodation funding for eligible participants is provided via the NDIS by the Australian government for 20 years.


Earn between10% - 15% per annum net returns, compared to the traditional residential sector's 4% p.a. net yield.


Many locations throughout Australia have very high demand for SDA housing by participants that is not currently being met.


We strive to support people living with disabilities to live their life inclusively and independently.


We only partner with the best builders, developers to ensure together with Property Investors we can supply outstanding home for disabled people to live.


We work with leading SDA and SIL providers across Australia to identify grass root demand of SDA dwellings with participants on their books and pipeline. 


We work with leading mortgage broking firms and lenders across Australia to ensure best rates for NDIS/SDA loans.


SDA NDIS property investment offers a unique opportunity in the Australian real estate market. With the increasing demand for NDIS housing, individuals and investors are actively seeking NDIS property for sale. The SDA calculator plays a pivotal role in assessing the potential returns on such investments, helping investors make informed decisions. These NDIS homes for sale are not only a promising investment property but also contribute to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities. Investing in NDIS housing means tapping into a growing niche market, and the NDIS rental income can provide a stable source of revenue. Overall, NDIS property investment is gaining traction across Australia, offering a win-win scenario for both investors and individuals in need of suitable housing. If you’re considering property investment Australia-wide, exploring the potential of NDIS investments and NDIS house investment should be on your radar. 

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